The Metadata Catalog (MDC) was designed to be a resource for curation of data elements and study documentation for past and current studies of sickle cell disease populations. The CureSCi MDC provides a web-based public tool to help investigators answer the following questions when designing a new study or when doing a secondary data analysis:

  • What data elements were collected by the studies?
  • Which data elements are common among studies?
  • Are the common data comparable for cross-study analyses?
  • What are the number of participants for selected data elements? (a future development)

The MDC has dozens of searchable fields for study-level metadata (e.g., study design, inclusion/exclusion criteria, outcomes) and several tools to enable users to:

  • Browse individual studies.
  • Browse multiple studies by data element.
  • Search study metadata by keyword.
  • Search data elements by concept.

Viewing the MDC is critical before initiating a request to the controlled SCD data repository.